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Ranku is a Seattle-based software company founded by education experts and engineers.
  • For Systems, Institutions, and Departments

    The fastest way to leverage your System, Institution, or Department’s portfolio is by working in unison and leveraging economies of scale. Allows administrators to easily track real-time recruitment data across the system, university, or department. This centralized data will allow you to make better informed decisions about your degree portfolio in a single place.

  • Real-Time Market Insight & Research

    Access you current portfolio and know what programs to develop and scale based on real-time data. Structure recruitment data and state authorization with Ranku’s proprietary technology used by more than 700 degree programs. Our team of recruiting and technology experts will help you interpret and decipher your data in a meaningful way, enabling you to make informed decisions for your system, university, or department.

  • Track from Lead to Graduation

    Integrate prospective student data with multiple CRM and SIS systems throughout your institution or system. By tracking from lead to graduation, you will be able to use data for decision making throughout your funnel which leads to enhanced data integrity throughout.

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