Our core purpose is to provide the best search experience for students who are looking for full online degree programs.

Co-founders Kim Taylor and Cecilia Retelle believe that students shouldn’t miss out on great opportunities just because the best schools don’t always appear at the top of a Google search. Ranku is optimized for individual users to find all the information required to make the best decision for their career. To achieve this, Ranku partners with the nation’s public, private, and state universities that are

online that focus on education (not marketing) and which are centers for higher education (not call centers with a college built around it). Currently, the way universities find students and the way students find universities is broken. Ranku is here to level the playing field and allow future students to find the degree that helps them accomplish their goals.

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Meet the Co-founders

Our unique knowledge and insights in online education and policy give us an advantage in this rapidly growing space.

Kim Taylor

Co-founder and CEO


Cecilia Retelle

Co-founder and COO


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